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The Best Products to Fake Your Summer Glow

    The Best Products to Fake Your Summer Glow

    In the summer, we all want to look tanned, glowing, and sun-kissed. However, most of us are aware that while basking in the sun may make us look good in the short term, it has some extremely unappealing long-term repercussions.

    Wrinkles, premature ageing, and dark spots are all caused by sun exposure. Worse, it increases our chances of acquiring melanoma, which can be fatal.

    In short? Tanning is not a good idea. Do not attempt it!

    We don’t have to stay pale just because we can’t obtain our glow the old fashioned way. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to imitate the look of a bronzed goddess without putting yourself in danger. Here are some of our top picks for achieving that summer glow.

    Face and Body Scrub by Menaji

    No, this product won’t give you any colour or glow, but that doesn’t mean it’s not essential for getting that effect. We need to prime and prep our skin first because we’re going to fake our tan. It’s the same premise as sanding a piece of furniture before painting it; if you don’t start with a flat surface, the colour will settle unevenly into the wood.

    This dual-purpose scrub removes dead, dry skin from both our faces and our bodies. Despite the fact that it’s intended for guys, everyone at Frends is obsessed with applying it before self-tanning. If you really want your skin to be ready for colour, use an ultra-rich body cream like Hempz Triple Moisture Whipped Body Creme after your scrub.

    Selftantalizer Lorac Gradual Self-Tanner for the Body

    We’ll admit it: we’re terrified of tanning, just as you are. Self-tanner application can be extremely nerve-wracking. We’re always concerned that we’re using too much stuff in one area and too little in another.

    That’s why we adore this self-tanning package so much. Our tan won’t go on streaky or unevenly thanks to the application mitt. Plus, because of its gradual formula, if we do make a mistake, it won’t be as evident. With this incredible equipment, even self-tanning newbies can achieve a fantastic result.

    Bronzing Body Tint by Ben Nye

    Ben Nye’s bronzing body cosmetics has us completely smitten. It has roughly a million uses for one small, affordable bottle. If you want to contour your body, use a brush to apply it to specific regions. For a real bronzed effect, apply it straight. For a more subtle glow, add a few drops to your favourite body lotion. While it adheres to our skin regardless of how we apply it, it washes away quickly in the shower.

    Desert Bronzer and Blush by The Balm

    The Balm Cosmetics’ two-in-one gem is a must-have for our summer beauty totes. It’s light enough to be used as an all-over bronzer or simply on the apples of the cheekbones for a little extra glow. Furthermore, unlike many bronzers, it works well with almost all skin tones.

    Face and Body Illuminator by Inglot

    A beach without a margarita is like a tan without a glow. Summer highlighters should be dewy, creamy, and easy to apply to both our faces and bodies. Inglot’s incredible liquid highlighter collection is ideal for achieving the beautiful skin of our dreams. It can be applied directly to the skin for a stunning glow or mixed into lotion or makeup for a more subtle shimmer.

    NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

    We don’t want to spend time perfecting our bronzer and highlighter only to have it melt away in the heat. However, we don’t want to cover ourselves in setting powder and hide our beautiful glows. This setting spray is ideal for keeping everything in place while still looking dewy and bright.

    Sun Bum Original Spray Sunscreen SPF 50

    Remember, our goal is to fool the sun and generate a healthy glow without causing harm to our skin. We require a high-quality SPF product to secure our safety. This ultra-fine mist is ideal for carrying with you throughout the summer. It’s effective but light, so you can easily layer it over bronzer and shimmer without feeling like you’re wearing a layer of glop on your face.

    SPF 50, Avene Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion

    We must protect our faces from the sun’s harsh rays in the same way that we safeguard our bodies. This lovely Avene product is a sunscreen that looks and feels like a skincare product. It not only protects our skin from the sun, but it also delivers adequate moisture and a plethora of delicious, skin-friendly components. On hot summer mornings, this is the ideal way to start the day.

    After Sun Gel Sun Bum Cool Down Hydrating

    Despite our best efforts to protect ourselves from the sun, mishaps do occur. Don’t be alarmed if you get a little burned. Instead, make a commitment to use sunscreen more frequently and carefully treat damaged skin to help it heal faster. Unlike many drugstore products that don’t contain genuine aloe, this refreshing after-sun gel contains real aloe vera. This gel will soothe and hydrate burnt skin, allowing your burn to heal more quickly and effectively.

    What summer essentials are you unable to live without? Do you have a secret weapon for getting a fake tan? We’re always interested in hearing about what our readers use and do to get bronzed, glowing, and beautiful. In the comments section below, share your favourite ways for faking the bronzed look.