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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Curly Bangs

    Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Curly Bangs

    Interested in taking your curly ‘do to the next level? Bangs can add dimension to your hairstyle and frame your face better than a Picasso painting at the MET Museum. Nonetheless, curly females have reservations about this haircut because it isn’t the same as having straight bangs (nor is the method to achieve the look).

    “Some clients have the impression that curly bangs are just for children, or that bangs don’t look good on adults, or that they always appear frizzy,” says hairstylist Monae Everett, who has styled the hair of stars like Taraji P. Henson and Yara Shahidi on the red carpet.

    Curly bangs, thankfully, work on many types of coils, from wavy to the tightest of textures. However, there are a few things you should know about curly bangs before heading to the salon or even attempting a DIY bang job (pro tip: don’t!). Is it better to clip your bangs wet or dry? Is it important what form your face is? Is shrinkage an issue?

    We spoke with Everett to get the scoop on this hairdo, so you can not only pull off curly bangs, but flourish in them!

    What Are the Benefits of Curly Bangs?

    Everett advises, “Curly bangs are a terrific method to vary the shape of your haircut.”

    This could be a terrific alternative for you if you’re eager to update your look. Curly bangs can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can have shaggy bangs, curtain bangs, feathery bangs, and more, just like straight hair. Full or voluminous curled bangs, on the other hand, are Everett’s personal favourite.

    “I adore it when curly girls use their bangs to offer more lift to the top of their heads.” Take, for example, Yara Shahidi’s hair during the 51st NAACP Image Awards.

    If you’re undecided about obtaining curly bangs or don’t know where to begin, Everett recommends starting with wispy bangs. “This way, you can choose whether you like the look and want to add more hair to your bangs for a voluminous look or keep them wispy so you can merge them back into your hair.”

    Is it better to cut natural hair wet or dry?

    Curly hair shrinks, and everyone reacts differently to it. Some people want their hair to be trimmed wet, while others prefer it to be cut dry. While you can blow dry your hair while receiving a trim, curly bangs are not recommended.

    When it comes to this appearance, Everett has one rule: “Always cut bangs significantly longer than you thought you want them to be and cut your bangs when your hair is curly.”

    To put it another way, start slowly with your banging! Also, cutting them when your hair is curly will let you to see the genuine shape of the look more clearly than cutting them when your hair is straight.

    Do Curly Bangs Look Good on Everyone?

    Curly bangs are suitable for all hair textures. Type 4 hair, on the other hand, “may enjoy many styles of bangs,” according to Everett. The kinky-curly texture allows for a wide range of looks to be accomplished in a variety of ways, as well as options to make faux bangs if you’re not ready to cut your hair into that shape permanently.

    “I enjoy seeing twist outs with bangs or longer hair pinned into bangs from afro puffs and other updos,” Everett says. Even your afro can benefit from bangs. “Picked-out ‘fros look great with rounded or curtain bangs that frame the face,” Everett says.

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