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Brow Lamination Tips | How to Laminate Brows

    Brow Lamination Tips | How to Laminate Brows

    As long as big, fluffy, lived-in brows reign supreme, brow lamination is becoming more popular among beauty professionals. Brow lamination is a more long-term option than other brow enhancers, and it is suitable for the great majority of brows, including those with sparse to moderate hair.

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    Why Should You Learn How to Do Brow Lamination?

    “From a professional standpoint, given the appointment time to product/service cost ratio, lamination offers a high ROI,” explains Brittany Waters, Brow Educator + Founder of Detroit Beauty Collective & Behold Brows.

    Brittany discovered the brow lamination method in Europe and soon mastered it before introducing it to her Detroit business. Brittany shares her complete, step-by-step approach on brow laminating and brow tinting with us below (the perfect upsell to your lamination service and a great way to really make your lamination shine). Follow along for all of Brittany’s brow laminating pro tips!

    How to Laminate the Brows of Your Clients

    • Wipe any excess hair away.
    • Remove any remaining oils or makeup with a mild cleanser.
    • Apply your perm solution to the brow with a doe foot wand, completely covering it. This initial solution softens the cuticle and breaks down the links in the hair, allowing you to redirect and/or fan out the hair to create the illusion of a bigger brow.
    • To ensure that each hair is completely coated, comb through with a mascara wand. Using a cotton swab, remove any excess product from the skin.
    • Wrap the solution in cling wrap and set it aside to process. Make sure the wrap is snug, then go over it again and gently push to remove any air bubbles. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the texture of your client’s hair, with 10 minutes being the minimum for fine hair.
    • Return at the midway point and shape the hair one brow at a time with a dental brush.
    • Pro tip for brow lamination: avoid pressing down on the skin while the solution is on, as this may cause irritation.
    • Begin to make a natural curve in the brow contour at this point, so that all of the hairs do not stick straight up. If your brows become dry as you brush through them, add more of the solution. Apply the cling wrap again.
    • If you run across tough hairs throughout the brow lamination process, use the doe foot wand to really push the hair down and go over it numerous times.
    • Remove the wrap once more with about one minute left and comb through with the dental brush to make sure all the hairs are where you want them.
    • Remove the wrap and the solution with a damp cotton round when the timer goes off. Cleanse your hair in the same direction that you set it. Brush the area again with a dental brush. Leave the wrap on for a few more minutes if stubborn hairs refuse to respond to the solution.
    • Apply a liberal amount of neutralising lotion to the hair with a doe foot wand, making sure it is evenly distributed. By restoring the pH to where it was before the perm solution damaged the bonds, the neutralizer restores them. Using a cotton swab, remove any excess product from the skin.
    • Wrap cling wrap around the neutralizer. Allow for the same amount of processing time as the first solution (in this case 14 minutes).
    • Remove the bandage one brow at a time halfway through. Brush the hairs apart with the dental brush, determining whether any obstinate hairs require more product.
    • Remove the wrap and neutralizer with a dry cotton round after 14 minutes. You don’t want to add additional moisture because the brows are now in the form you want them to be and the bonds have been restored.
    • Comb through with a clean dental brush, making sure to separate the hairs. They’ll naturally clump together, so comb through them thoroughly, curving the brush in the direction of the desired shape.
    • The brows must now be shaped.
    • Pro tip for brow lamination: use a highlighter or concealer on the bottom of the brow to create a guide for shaping. Trim any longer hairs around the brow and pluck along this line. When it’s time to tint, your highlighter line will also provide a precise line to follow.
    • Mix together RefectoCil Eyelash & Eyebrow Cream Hair Dye (natural brown) and Refectocil Oxidant 3 percent Developer Cream, smoothing out any lumps. Apply an even coat of tint starting at the bottom and working your way up. Apply it as neatly as possible, but use a cotton swab to remove any extra pigment. On each brow, process for 5 minutes. You should reduce your processing time if you tint over a lamination.
    • Wipe the colour away with a dry cotton round in the direction of the hair. Brush through the brows with the dental brush to separate the hairs. Brush through again after applying a conditioning treatment.

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