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Bottleneck Bangs Are the Perfect Way to Ease Yourself Into Full Fringe

    Bottleneck Bangs Are the Perfect Way to Ease Yourself Into Full Fringe

    Curtain bangs were popular in 2021.

    That was, without a doubt, one of the most popular hair trends of all time, because it allowed many of us to try bangs without committing to a drastic new haircut or a time-consuming styling process. But what is a new year without a new and improved version of the previous one?

    As a result, we’re ready to implement bottleneck bangs: The younger sister of curtain bangs, who is just a little more choppy.

    Tom Smith, a London-based hairstylist and Evo Hair’s international creative colour director, created the name. “Bottleneck bangs are the ideal 70s inspired, highly attractive, face-framing, cutting style,” he explains. “This hairstyle is inspired by a bottle neck, starting narrow and short in the centre, curving longer around the eyes, and finally following the line of the cheekbone.”

    “Curtain bangs often slip out from the face in a delicate way,” says Matrix artistic director and celebrity hairstylist Nick Stenson. “Bottleneck bangs have a short enough length in the centre to be worn straight.”

    Bottleneck bangs, although falling in the centre of your forehead, are low-maintenance, according to Smith, since they are more jagged and textured. So the more lived-in, unfinished, and carefree they appear, the better. Stenson even suggests using a flat brush and a spritz of dry texturizing spray to create that laid-back look on purpose.

    “To produce a day-two finish and keep the hair from appearing too shiny, spray Matrix Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray in the roots and ends,” he advises.

    Aside from the low-effort styling, another advantage of bottleneck bangs is that they actually work for everyone. So, if you’ve been hesitant to attempt bangs because you’re worried about how they’ll frame your face, rest assured that bottleneck bangs can be customised to fit your features and preferences.

    “Many people don’t look good with conventional fringe, but most people can use bottleneck bangs to soften the face,” Smith explains. “You can change the length and angle depending on whether you want your cheekbones to appear bigger or stronger, or whether you want to thin and narrow a wider face to bring attention to your eyes and lips.”

    Another benefit? They’re also incredibly adaptable, working with a variety of hair lengths.

    “Bottleneck bangs look great with long or short hair and are flattering on all straight, wavy, and curly textures,” Stenson advises. “The asymmetrical design allows for considerably more versatility in styling, and you can pair them with face-framing feathery layers, soft waves, a shaggy 70’s style haircut, or left hanging out for a cheeky up-do look,” Smith agrees.

    Basically, if you want to add a little texture and edge to your look in 2022, bottleneck bangs are the way to go. Smith suggests asking your stylist to design longer bangs that skim your cheekbones at an angle that flatters your face and sit halfway between the cheekbones and jaw for those considering the plunge. “Then have the central part chopped shorter, with the smallest part in the centre and increasing longer on the edges,” he advises.

    When in doubt, though, photos are usually useful. “There will always be unique modifications that make each popular hairstyle work for different individuals,” adds Stenson. “Bring photographs to your session that show examples of bottleneck bangs that motivated you to make this adjustment.”

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