Some legendary burgers to sample around the US

Slug Burger, Corinth, Mississippi

When many people couldn't afford an all-meat burger patty, Slug Burgers were invented. The burgers were created in Corinth, Mississippi, with a non-meat filler.


All American Hamburger Drive In, Massapequa, New York

The All American Hamburger Drive In is Long Island's oldest and only drive-in hamburger business, opening in 1963. The burgers are straightforward.


White Manna, Hackensack, New Jersey

White Manna has been serving authentic New Jersey sliders since 1946, not the mini-burgers of the same name. Onions are mashed into the sizzling patties.


Dyer's Single With Cheese, Memphis

Since 1912, Dyer's has served classic cheeseburgers. The eatery claims a “secret” cooking method that involves never changing the burger oil.


Fried Onion Burger, El Reno, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma fried onion burger came out of a few establishments in El Reno, Oklahoma, on historic Route 66. Johnnie's is one of a few vintage El Reno eateries that still serves burgers.


In-N-Out Burger, Baldwin Park

   Since its inception in 1948, In-N-Out has been famed for its unexpectedly simple hamburgers. Two pieces of American cheese, two 100% beef patties, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, & a secret spread.


Steamed Cheeseburger, Ted's, Meriden

Steamed burgers may not sound or look appealing, but Ted's Restaurant has been steaming burgers since 1959, claiming to be the only restaurant in America to do so. 


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