American dining landmarks

1) Parker's Restaurant
Boston 1832 Parker's Restaurant, now part of the Omni Parker House Hotel, is a 19th century relic with white tablecloths, crystal chandeliers, button-down server, & lobster bib. 

2) Delmonico's
The social history book "Ten Restaurants That Changed America" opens with Delmonico's, a restaurant that redefined service and formality in America.

3) Antoine's 
Antoine's, the country's longest family-run restaurant, put New Orleans on the map. Antoine's & the excellent restaurants it spawned enabled New Orleans' French-Creole cookery.

4) Louis' Lunch
Some say this wayside diner, now in 4th generation of family control, is the origin of the American hamburger. Chef Louis Lassen served out the pulverized extra from his normal steak.

5) Schrafft's
By 1923, the single candy store/soda fountain had expanded to 22 outlets, and 42 by 1934. Women's access and catering was Schrafft's idea in front and behind the lunch counter.

6) Mamma Leone's 
Mamma Leone's began as a 20-seat living room and evolved to 11 dining rooms with over 1,000 seats over almost a century. Famous patrons included Presidents Truman and Eisenhower.

6) Joe's Crab
Joe's Stone Crab was the city's first restaurant, & its popularity grew alongside the city's culinary industry. Unknown to the public until 1921, Here crabs were cooked with hash brown.

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