7 Cycling Watches for 2022

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1. Wahoo ELEMNT Rival

This multisport GPS watch from Wahoo Fitness generates weekly distance statistics to help you remain on track with your cycling goals.

The Suunto 5 Peak is a mid-range option in terms of price and functionality, but it offers everything you need for cycling. 


It's all about safety. Even if you leave your phone behind, the LTE connectivity allows you to send messages to emergency contacts and first responders if you get harmed.

3. Garmin 945 LTE

Apple's smartwatches aren't just fashion items. Features like a crash detection and calorie counter optimised for e-bikes make the Series 7 ideal for cycling.

4. Series 7 Apple Watch

This bicycle watch is cheap. You can see your heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation, and sleep quality at a glance thanks to the 1.43-inch square face.

5. Amazing Bip U Pro

This tough watch is ideal for bikepackers. It's built of military-grade materials to withstand extreme conditions, such sudden freezes or heat waves.

6.Polar Grit X Cycling Bundle

The Vertix 2's 140-hour GPS battery life is remarkable, allowing for a full work week of bike commuting. The watch uses five satellite systems to locate your location.

7. Vertix 2

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