Prepare for the world's windiest spots

Ontario's capital has been called Canada's windiest metropolis. With an average annual wind speed of roughly 13mph (21km/h) & maximum gusts of 19mph (31km/h). The vibrant seaside city is famed for its tiny,  hued cottages.

St John's, 98mph

This distant region boasts the world's highest average yearly wind speed, with blusters reaching 50mph (80km/h). The fastest recorded speed was 127mph (204km/h) in 1995 at Cape Denison.

 Commonwealth Bay, 127mph

Every few years, gusts up to 70mph (113km/h) thrash this headland on Oregon's southwest coast. During the epic Columbus Day storm in October 1962, the location registered a gust of 145mph (233km/h).

 145mph Cape Blanco, Oregon

The world's windiest city is Wellington, New Zealand (despite Chicago having the Windy City nickname). Its yearly average wind speed is 29mph (47km/h), enough to make most of us squint and seek shelter.

Wellington (NZ), 154mph

According to the Met Office, this archipelago between Scotland and the Faroe Islands is the UK's windiest destination. The islands have an average annual wind speed of 15mph (24km/h), but have been reported to have 173mph (278km/h) gusts.

173 mph Shetland Islands

This prominent Scottish ski resort town is overlooked by the UK's highest recorded winds. In March 1986, extreme blusters slammed Cairngorm's snowy summit at 173mph (278km/h). “Cairngorm” means “Blue Hill”, & we expect any exposed faces or fingers that day to have gone blue.

175 mph Aviemore

This massive mountain, whose peak crosses the border of China and Nepal, has seen it all. It's the world's highest peak, and it's always on travel bucket lists. Its 29,029-foot (8,848m) peak and the affects of altitude are not easy.

Everest, China/Nepal, 175 mph

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