15 Minute Healthy Soup Recipes

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1) Soup with Tomatoes

This soup comes together quickly using pantry staples and aromatics. With a grilled cheese on the side, this is a perfect comfort-food lunch for a cold day.

2) Easy Potato Soup Recipe

When you want something quick and pleasant, use the microwave. This baked potato in a mug is easy to make.

3) Soupe Coconut Curry Zoodle

This curry-spiced soup comes together quickly and easily. Add some shredded rotisserie chicken or tofu for extra protein.

4) 4. 15 Minute Chicken Tortilla Soup

The dried ancho chile plus, of course, all the tasty toppings are the secret to authentic tortilla soup flavour. This soup will make you feel better.

5) Soup Taco

Taco soup is a taco lover's dream. The toppings, like the tortilla soup, make the meal.

6) Tomato Vegetable Soup

 This hearty vegetable soup is flavoured like Puttanesca sauce. To make a quick soup, start with ingredients that have strong flavours and don't need to open up.

7) Noodle Soups

Soup need not be difficult. For example, this soup combines tiny noodles, carrots, frozen peas, and rotisserie chicken with garlic for an all-in-one dinner.

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