These things   characterize happy relationships.

Less Texting

Texting harms relationships. A 2013 Brigham Young University study found that too much texting is bad. While quick text to check in with your partner are good, having serious conversation.

Soon they're enraged

It may help you if your relationship starts out tense. A 2012 Florida State University study indicated that couples who started out “angry but honest” were happier in the long run.

They are kind

Kindness is crucial in a great relationship. According to an Open University study, people feel valued in their relationships when their spouses do tiny acts of kindness.

Attractive Looks

Apparently, having a husband feel “lucky” by marrying a more attractive partner is helpful. A 2013 Journal reported that when men saw their wives as more attractive, it benefited both.

They share a social network.

Facebook released a report on 1.3 million users. Study focused on relationships & social networks. With each person referring their partner to their friends overlap.

They spend similarly

Contrary to popular belief, the happy couples prefer to spend money in the same way. Many people gravitate towards their “money opposite” when it comes to money.

Applauding Partner

They applaud their partner's successes.Your reaction to your partner's good news might make or break your relationship.

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