Destroying these lovely rainforests

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The Australian island of New Guinea is a tropical paradise with one of the world's most diversified biomes. The Mamberamo, for example,  lush woods.

The Congo Basin is the world's second-largest tropical rainforest at 500 million acres. With Cameroon and Gabon as neighbours, it is one of the largest in Africa.


The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is one of the world's most endangered ecosystems, second only to the Amazon. There live jaguars, three-toed sloths, and red-tailed parrots.

Atlantic Forest

The red-legged seriema, the emu, and the highly endangered Spix's macaw are just a few of the birds that call the Cerrado home.


The Sumatran Lowland Rain Forests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra are as diverse as Borneo and New Guinea, but they are also under danger.

Tropics of Sumatra

In total, the Greater Mekong region stretches from Myanmar to southern China. Consider these stunning images of the genuine impact of climate change.


The Valdivian Forests are famous for their abundance of natural flora and animals. However, increased destruction for logging & firewood is endangering this lush.

Veldivian Forests

Destroying these lovely rainforests