Best Long Movies to watch this weekend

People are stuck inside, so now is the perfect time to watch the best long movies ever. What was once a hindrance is now a boon, or at least a boredom buster.

Viewers will soon discover they've been missing out on a wealth of quality films, some dating back to the silent era.


This Canadian drama follows a transgender woman (Melvil Poupaud) for ten years. Director Xavier Dolan made it in honour of Luce Baillargé. 

This historical drama is split into two parts and runs over five hours. It chronicles the rise of fascism in Italy through the eyes of two central characters played by Robert De Niro.


This Oscar-nominated adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play gets plenty of room. Kenneth Branagh, director and star, changes the century while keeping the bard's original prose. Ricky, 


Robert Altman followed up 1992's "The Player" with this multi-storyline dramedy set in Los Angeles. Filming took him just over two months. 


Spike Lee's biopic of civil rights activist Malcolm X stars Denzel Washington. It chronicles his rise from a small-time hustler to one of the nation's most important orators.

Malcolm X

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