2022 fast food menu updates

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Chick N Max's proprietors have their way, it may become a household name.

Burger King
Burger King rolled out the Impossible Whopper in the US in 2019.

Pizza HUT
Pizza Hut promised that by 2022, it would solely utilise hens not given human antibiotics in its pizzas and chicken wings.

Burger has altered little since starting in 1948, unlike other fast food companies. The California-founded restaurant serves burgers, cheeseburgers.

Jack in the Box will release a plant-based burger with Impossible Foods in 2021. Customers in Phoenix, Arizona can substitute the patty with any burger on the menu.

Popeyes has over 3,500 outlets worldwide, but it's recently arrived in the UK. The New Orleans-based chain opened at London's Westfield Stratford in 2021. 

McDonald's will launch the vegan McPlant burger globally in 2022, analysts believe. Beyond Meat patty topped with pea-protein vegan cheese and dairy-free sauce.


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