40-Year-Old Makeup Rules

New makeup trends constantly appear on TV and magazine covers. Despite makeup trends, there are a few constants. 

Mature woman applying lipstick in car

"We've all seen overdone makeup. If you see makeup instead of yourself in the mirror, it's too much "Cindy Joseph, a supermodel-turned-makeup artist, founded BOOM! 

Less is more.

As skin ages, fine lines and wrinkles appear, often due to dehydrated skin, says Collin Adams of Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida.

Improving skincare

Embellish Beauty owner Marcia Williams says women shouldn't have  chose between sunscreen and glowing skin. Blending foundation with lightweight sunscreen will combat  residue.

 sunscreen & foundation

By 40, you may have acne scars, uneven spots, and dry, flaking skin. Primers are like wall spackle—they create a smooth base that keeps makeup from cracking.

Primer is essential.

Toss powder, which ages you. "Powder adds texture, looks cakey, and dulls skin. Dewy, touchable skin is alive ""Joseph," "Don't powder over foundation.

Powder vs. foundation

A thick layer of under-eye concealer will likely crack and cake, attracting more attention. Use a lightweight formula  & a brush to avoid applying too much. 

Under-eye concealer shouldn't be overused.

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