Iphone Hacks that you never know

When you want someone's attention in a group chat, type @ followed by their name. To make the person's name bold and remove the @ symbol, press space or add punctuation mark. 

Adding contacts to groups

If your phone is running the latest iOS, you can make Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser your default browser instead of Safari.

Change  default  browser & email app

To caption a photo or video, simply swipe up on it, tap "Add a Caption," & input your caption or keyword. When you're done, it'll save to iCloud Photos. 

Comment images and videos

Messages can be replied to by tapping and holding the message, selecting "Reply" from the menu, entering and sending your reply. You've officially followed good group texting.

Answer single messages

Want to clear your home screen of useless apps ? Instead of Apple's App Library. Simply hold the app, pick "Remove App" from the pop-up menu, & choose "Move to App Library." 

Apps to hide

Good news: Apps like Weather, Reminders, and Apple News may now be seen quickly. Drag & drop widgets from the Today View onto your home screen or use edit menu to add them. 

Create a home screen widget

When you search for apps using the App Library or the default Search feature, your phone will recommend the best match. If that's the app you want, just hit "Go" on the keypad. 

Apps faster

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