Amazing Fast Food Locations Around the World

K-Stop, Kyoto Chaya Ninenzaka, Japan

This Starbucks, housed in a 100-year-old Kyoto townhouse (machiya), is anything but ordinary. The traditional décor remains, with elegant scrolls lining the walls and tatami mats & cushions on the floors.

KFC, Minsk

At this KFC, Colonel Sanders smiling beneath a dramatic 1960s Soviet mural is incredible. The sculpture is a relic of a different time, offering a peculiar contrast between heroic communist sculptures and crispy fried capitalist chicken.

Barnacle Bill, Port Pirie, Australia

Barnacle Bill is a popular seafood chain in South Australia, serving everything from fish and chips to burgers and fried snacks. Its Port Pirie branch is divine. the church sign advertises lunch specials.

Hacienda Alsacia, Costa Rica

On the slopes of Poás volcano, in this lush green country, is Hacienda Alsacia, a Starbucks coffee farm. Guests can learn about the coffee's origins & enjoy a cup with sweeping valley views at café.

McDonald's, Paris

Amidst the fine dining restaurants and designer shops on Rue Saint-Lazare, this McDonald's. Its charm and character attract tourists who come to the area for its history and shopping.

Burger King sauna in Helsinki

Like many restaurants in Finland, one Burger King has opened an in-restaurant spa. The 15-person facility serves regular burgers, drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

KFC, Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie

When visiting Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous former Cold War crossing point between East and West Berlin, don't miss the strategically located KFC. 

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