Today, this fast-food chain is giving away free burgers.

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Slider Saga

Slider-lovers, rejoice: Slider Day is May 15. Sunday visitors get a free cheese slider at White Castle. The freebie is a thank you to the chain's longtime fans.

In 1921, for $700, former insurance agent Billy Ingram and burger stand owner J. Walter Anderson opened the first White Castle in Wichita, Kansas. 

First fast-food chain

White Castle was founded and once had multiple locations in Kansas, but Kansans must go to Columbia, Missouri. White Castle doesn't plan to open in its home state.

Its birthplace lacks locations

Anderson may be best known for White Castle. Anderson invented the burger grill and many say he also invented the burger bun.

Burger genius was a founder

In 1921, there was no template for opening a fast-food chain, so Irving and Anderson had to create their own, including companies to make prefabricated. 

Founders thought everything

White Castle's "slider" cost 5 cents in 1921, or 66 cents today. In Newark, New Jersey, an original slider costs 88 cents but can be bought in bulk.

Since opening, prices have risen slightly.

Bulk purchases aren't new. White Castle began offering 5-cent-per-burger coupons in  1930s as competition increased. Promotional items are mainstay  White Castle's plan.

It created fast-food promotions

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