These Cars will make you nostalgic

Out of need during the early 1970s, Renault introduced the 5 to compete directly with the British Mini. The R5 was quickly adopted for its small size and low cost.

Renault 5, France's supermini

The Gremlin has two faces. From the front, its long, towering hood reminded you of powerful American muscle vehicles.

AMC Gremlin, long-nosed and cheap

The Flying Fishbowl was a small automobile. Like the Gremlin, the Pacer was designed by American Motors' Richard Teague (AMC). 

The AMC Pacer, a 1970s lemon

Who hasn't fantasised about escaping from one's responsibilities? Of going down the wide road in one of those little mobile houses, blaring Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

Westfalia, freedom's symbol

Vintage on four wheels. The Beetle, created by Nazi-era German carmaker Volkswagen, swiftly became global phenomenon. Its unusual engine rumbling, big bug-eyed headlights were liked. 

The Young Beetle

The Mustang has sold over 10 million copies since its debut in 1964. It was promoted as an American counterpart to the Beetle, initially categorized as a pony car. 

Mustang, the American icon

Ville, an age blightIn 1958, the US economy was booming, gas was under 10 cents per litre, and car manufacturers jumped at the chance.

The Cadillac De

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