Best houseplant and garden fertilisers

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 Jobe's 4lb Vegetables & Tomato

This 2-5-3 fertiliser makes 30 gallons for most edible plants. It has soil microbes.

Fish-seaweed fertilizer

This 2-3-1 alternative is a good all-purpose product derived from fillet by-products.

Water-soluble flower fertilizer

12-55-6 supercharges blossoming plants.

Two-pack indoor plant food

Pre-mixed indoor 12-4-8 plant food is easy to dose. You can add it to soil or watering can.

Succulent/cactus plant food

This 2-7-7 plant food provides less nitrogen than other ingredients for succulents and cacti.

Soil builder worm castings

Worm farm "soil" is worm castings. 1-0-0 NPK, although micronutrients and beneficial microorganisms increase drainage and soil structure. 

 Dr. Earth Root Zone Granules, 4 lb.

This 2-4-2 fertilizer ratio is great for transplants because the increased phosphorus content promotes good root growth.

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