The Best Stadium Foods to Eat at a Concert or Game

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Dog Beef

Stadium hot dogs are a must, but don't believe you have to miss out on the unique flavours. Order a 100% beef hotdog. Instead of ketchup, use a healthier condiment like yellow mustard.

It's hard to go to a baseball game and not order Cracker Jacks. No one can deny that peanuts and Cracker Jacks are good for you. At least, we do!

Jacks Crackers

French dip sandwiches are made with tasty shaved beef that is high in protein. Skip the melted cheese and load up on grilled mushrooms and onions.

French Dip Sandwiches

Fruit Cup

Many stadiums are starting to offer more mindful food options, so keep an eye out for items like fresh fruit cups. Fresh fruit is a great source of antioxidants & important minerals.

Order a grilled chicken salad, sandwich, or wrap for a satisfying dinner. Dietary needs are met by the grilled chicken & fresh veggies like cucumber, lettuce in salad.

Salad, Sandwich, Tenders, or Wrap


A grilled hamburger is another wonderful stadium food choice. Beef is high in protein and might help you feel fuller longer.

Toned Nachos

Is it just us, or do loaded nachos resemble a salad? So grab a fork and dig into the wonderful avocado, black olives, fresh lettuce and salsa toppings Instead of chips.

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