These foods are shockingly harmful

Adding nutmeg to your mac 'n' cheese, gnocchi dough, or mulled wine is unlikely to cause any negative consequences. It can cause myristicin poisoning, which causes headaches & hallucinations. 


The health benefits of farmed salmon are hotly debated. All oily fish contain beneficial omega-3 lipids. On the other hand, the Organic Consumers Association called farm-raised salmon. 

Wild salmon

Everyone's tolerance for chilli heat varies. Some can eat fiery Thai salad without flinching, while a moderate chicken tikka masala makes others tear up. But chilli peppers can induce more.


Unless you have allergies, eating sushi, poke, or ceviche rarely causes health difficulties. The popularity of raw fish meals has coincided with an increase in worm-related illnesses.


Raw oysters are served shucked, on the half shell, with a liberal squeeze of lemon. This is due to the fact that flies transmit hazardous germs and viruses that can cause vibriosis. 


 Allergies are among the most common in the world, affecting one in every 200 persons. While most of us can safely eat chicken satay and peanut butter, allergies can have fatal repercussions.


Chicken is a popular meat, but it's also one of the most prone to contamination and health issues if handled or prepared wrong.


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