Five reasons why dog stare at you

Dogs exhibit a variety of curious behaviours, such as howling in response to specific sounds, bending their heads when you speak to them, or staring at you when you watch TV or read a book.

According to Erin Askeland, a trained dog behaviour consultant and animal health and behaviour specialist for Camp Bow Wow, "there  usually  a reason why your dog may engage in these  behaviours."

1. Your dog has a request.

According to Askeland, dogs may focus on their owner if they want attention or food. It's normal practice to encourage dogs to focus on you during training, adds Askeland. 

Dogs may also stare at their owners to read and interpret their body language, which can reveal their emotional state. Their owner's mood, whether unhappy or pleased.

2. Trying to understand your dog

According to Askeland, your dog may gaze at you because it is unsure of what is going on. For example, if you take your keys, your dog may guess you're leaving the house.

3. Your dog seeks direction

If you have a close bond with your dog, they may stare you down as a method of displaying genuine devotion, explains Askeland.

4. Your dog is loving you

According to Askeland, a dog's stare might signal hostility if it is uncomfortable, threatened, or on guard. As though guarding a valuable resource, like a bone.

5. Your dog is aggressive

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