Plant-based? Best US vegan restaurants

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Phoenix's New American Vegetarian

This Phoenix restaurant masters all your favorite comfort foods with fresh plant-based ingredients. Their hearty plates offer something for everyone. 

Crossroads Kitchen, LA

Crossroads is Chef Tal Ronnen's 2013 Los Angeles vegan hotspot. The swanky restaurant serves plant-based Mediterranean-style dishes.

California's Shizen

Shizen looks like a classic sushi restaurant, but its menu is entirely plant-based. The sushi bar serves vegan versions of Japanese classics like veggie tempura.

Denver's Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods has been "Denver's original vegan restaurant" for over 20 years. The restaurant serves simple, delicious vegan food with a focus on comfort.

Miami's Full Bloom Vegan

Full Bloom Vegan was the first vegan restaurant on Miami Beach, paving the way for the vegan community. This restaurant serves innovative dishes influenced by various cuisines.

Atlanta's Herban Fix Herban

Fix in Georgia's capital offers a great assortment of plant-based fusion dishes inspired by Asian cuisine. Lunch options include pho and vegetable spring rolls.

Hawaii's Peace Cafe

This Honolulu café serves excellent and healthful meals to happy customers. Peace Café's plant-based cuisine includes salad bowls, curries, sandwiches, and stews.

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