From Wimpy to Casa Bonita: eternally gone fast food

 Burger Chef used to be McDonald's main rival. It began in the 1950s in Indianapolis and peaked in the 1970s with 1,200 stores. It was the first to sell a burger.

1. Burger Chef

Valle's Steak House had approximately 30 locations on the East Coast before closing in the early 1990s. Its 1,000-seat dining rooms served a choice of steaks.

2. Valle's

Unless you reside in northeast Ohio, you haven't seen an Arthur Treacher's sign in a long time. The nation's fondness of traditional British fish & chips fueled its growth.

3. Arthur Treacher's

This establishment served beer-steamed hot dogs, fried shrimp, hot roast beef sandwiches, subs & international beer from Mexico & Japan. It began in Florida in 1956.

4. Lum's 

 The Red Barn was noted for its Big Barney (similar to a Big Mac), Barn Buster (similar to a Quarter Pounder), and TV jingle, “When the hungries hit, hit the Red Barn.” 

5.Red Barn

 Do you recall this burger shop resembling White Castle? It began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1926, and now has 230 sites. A penny hamburger, a dime pie, a marble cake & fruit cocktail.

6. White Tower

Portland, Oregon's Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, opened in 1963 & has gigantic sundaes with singing waiters. It grew to 130 locations in ten years, till the 1990s.

7. Farrell's Ice Cream 

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